Going It Alone: The Case for Black American Independence (Part 2)

Roadblocks to Independence

Roadblocks defined, are factors that hinder progress and independence denotes, a state of freedom from outside control or support. That being said, the factors hindering Black American political progress towards complete sociopolitical and economic independence are both, favorably for Blacks, obvious and untechnical. The main trouble with understanding Black people and their plight, as it pertains to their political development, and arguably all other aspect of Black development, is that the subject is often viewed through the lens of the wider American multicultural democracy, as opposed to one wholly geared toward Black interests.  

Black political theory, since around the year 1964, has deviated, as it would seem, from its traditional objective of unqualified freedom or autonomy. Contemporary Black political thought seeks to foster Black American political growth within the confines of the wider American multicultural democracy. This newfound mission of containment was undoubtedly adopted due to the successes such a rhetorical change garnered, in the way of gaining the fundamental elevations in rights and quality of life most Black Americans have experienced post-slavery. While successful in gaining Blacks legal recognition, in the minds of the wider American multicultural democracy as humans, this new found political aim has failed desperately in procuring for Blacks the sociopolitical and economic parity from which the group is entitled. A realignment in Black political thought, to what has been the traditional pursuit of Africans in the Americas–universal freedom–would aid in understanding and articulating the roadblocks that Black Americans face, which would in turn assist in properly devising the means to navigate them. 

This theoretical realignment is in many ways the cornerstone of the overall discussion. Realigning Black political thought towards unconditional freedom i.e. self-determination is evidently the biggest roadblock to independence itself, because once unconditional freedom is the objective, the means by which to attain it manifest themselves in the manner earlier stated: as obvious and untechnical. The discussion of realigning Black political thought, while crucial in providing a background from which to develop this study, is by definition theoretical and this study is focused mainly on the empirical roadblocks to Black autonomy. Those empirical roadblocks are: (1) geographic constraints, (2) institutional deficiencies, and (3) the quasi-roadblock of economic incentive. 

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